Does Your Network Have Loose Ends?

Does Your Network Have Loose Ends?

This cyber security threat may already be living in your network.

Networks are robust, evolving environments with little changes made quickly in the day to day. Several people have access your network daily; engineers updating and adding new fields and areas – creatingpotential gaps in your security.

Administrators may not notice these changes. It’s easy to miss certain conflicts, overlooking merged items as one issue. Different configurations on the same network can cause discrepancies in permissions such as colliding IP addresses, allowing two devices on the same network to act as one.

Another example is routing to an unknown Hop. Seems innocent at first but as networks grow and changes are made, devices like routers can be left out of the network collection. This creates a hidden portion of your network that’s no longer being monitored as part of your network.These changes can weaken your security defenses. It’s hard to watch a door that you didn’t realize it was there.

These issues can be avoided using Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). Take time to write internal network practices and train all employees about your system processes. Monitor day to day changes that can leave your network vulnerable to maintain a healthy and secure environment.