Vertek cyber-threat detection and continuous network monitoring services provide businesses with better security management and visibility into risks affecting their operations.

Vertek Managed Threat Intelligence (MTI) service provides all the necessary components for organizations to obtain continuous monitoring services at an economical price point.  Beyond traditional Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) resources, such as security analysts and security engineers, our MTI team includes software developers as well. Our proprietary Cloud Collector Platform aggregates disparate security and event log sources from cloud-based platforms, such as Office 365, into a single pane of glass. No more having your cloud-based server logs segregated from your other monitoring services, or worse, completely ignored.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) and all support is 100% US-based. Our security analysts become an extension of your own IT staff, providing them with the distilled information, risks and actionable items they need to focus on to keep your organization safe from the exponentially growing cyber threats of our world today.

Managed Threat Intelligence fulfills many of the gaps found in industry-mandated cybersecurity regulations. The Vertek custom support portal provides SIEM, SOC and policy violation reports as well as a robust ticketing system. These reports and analytics are extremely beneficial in demonstrating cybersecurity compliance for industry regulators.

Managed Threat Intelligence is a business intelligence solution powered by Vertek.  We have been guarding and securing our customers’ networks and data since 1988.


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  • Cisco
  • Sophos
  • Microsoft
  • VMware
  • AlienVault
  • GSEC

  • ITIL
  • PMP
  • CEH
  • CPT
  • Security+

Risk & Governance

  • ISO 27002/1
  • NIST

  • FCC Red Flags
  • SANS CIS Critical Security Controls